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Zombies and Apes in the same book? Only on FUNday!

November 9, 2009

This week’s Monday FUNday is just off of Hallowe’en but we can still fit in some zombies (and apes).

marvelzombieseecoverMarvel Zombies: Evil Evolution #1
Jan 2010

This one-shot is a crossover between the Marvel Zombies and Marvel Apes. Following a convoluted series of inter-dimensional travels, a massive battle erupts between forces from the two universes. Ape Alpha Flight, consisting of ape versions of Snowbird, Northstar, Aurora, Shaman (named Shamonk) and Puck (named Pook) appears in two panels.

Ape Snowbird calls out to Shamonk and Pook as Zombie Quicksilver uses his super-speed to bite each of them before they can fight back. Then the rest of them either die as infected zombies or are eaten by other zombies as “Can-ape-ian bacon” as Zombie Quicksilver runs off with a big chunk of Ape Snowbird’s neck in his mouth.


The battle takes place far from Canada, so it’s likely that Ape Snowbird had previously obtained a mystical blessing from the Northern Ape Gods to venture beyond the borders.


Zombie Guardian also appears, biting off the Vulture’s shoulder in flashback to an unspecified battle between the Zombies and non-Ape superpowered humans.


Later, in one panel, what appears to be Ape Zombie Guardian (or is it Zombie Ape Guardian?) and Zombie Wild Child appear, about to battle Ape Captain America, who gets eaten by Zombie Colonel America. Zombie Wild Child looks similar to his appearance in Tieri’s Weapon X series. It’s not clear if Zombie Guardian or Zombie Wild Child ate any brains in this issue.

Well, there’s just about enough severed limbs, maggots, and goopy bloody guts everywhere for any zombie fan and plenty of monkey humor for the ape fan. We’re lucky enough to get both, but it does invoke a broad sense of bewilderment how such an issue could even exist in the first place.