Alpha Flight in Dark Reign: Made Men #1

drmm1coverDark Reign: Made Men #1
Nov 2009

Originally released as a digital comic, the 2nd story (of 5) features Attuma, Alpha Flight’s evil enemy from way back.  While contemplating joining forces with Doctor Doom, Attuma recalls his past failed battles with Namor, including the epic underwater battle shown in the story arc from Alpha Flight #35-39, continuing in Avengers #272 and concluding in Alpha Flight #40.  Included in a montage, a portion of one panel shows an erroneous memory of being simultaneously attacked by Namor, Marrina, Shaman, Sasquatch and Puck.  Of course, at the time, Sasquatch was dead (Snowbird could have taken his form, but she’d be white, not Tanaraq-orange), and Michael Twoyoungmen was wearing a black/white fur costume, becoming the Talisman in Alpha Flight #38, before the underwater battle.   Also, Marrina did try to directly attack Attuma but was shot down before she could get as close as pictured:drmm1

It’s a bit disappointing to see the mistaken portrayals of the characters, especially from Frank Tieri and Rafa Sandoval, creators who have previously been very good to us, but it all can be attributed to Attuma’s  faded memory, so all is good.  For this issue, just the one panel cameo and very nice to see Marrina poised to land a straight right on Attuma’s kisser.


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3 Responses to “Alpha Flight in Dark Reign: Made Men #1”

  1. Chris Says:

    Nice find Rob.

    BTW, if my memory serves me right, Avengers 272 would be the last time Alpha Flight as a team would guest star in another comic book for 4 long years. Their next team continuity appearance being coincidentally another issue of the Avengers – issue 319. I guess it helped that Fabian Nicieza was writing both AF and Avengers at the time.

  2. rplass Says:

    Yes, there was a drought there for a while… Secret Wars II had finished up earlier in 1986 and it wouldn’t be until the 90s before the Infinity Crusade / Gauntlet / War crossovers would really bring AF back into the MU. This isolation from the rest of the MU must have been a factor in the trailing sales throughout the bulk of the post-Byrne era that ultimately led to the 1st cancellation. Between 1986 and 1990, Alpha Flight did have its main series plugging away and there were a few appeaances from individual members and former members, but no guest appearances as a team.

    BTW, the Avengers appearance you are probably thinking of is #320, the 2nd issue of the 6 issue Crossing Line arc, not #319.

  3. Susan (Taffy) Says:

    Well, the only way to get Alpha Flight back is for writers like Tieri, Van Lente, and so on to keep trying to get their ideas accepted.

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