Where are they now?

First things first. Let’s get the current situation with all Alphans out there. For a few members who are actively appearing in an ongoing series, or have been popping up in the past year or so, this page will become quickly out of date.  Those members are noted in bold text. Green means they are alive and kicking, yellow means they are alive, but we haven’t seen them for a long time, blue means they are alive but depowered and gray means they are dead. The rest is self-explanatory.

Original Team

Member Status Last seen
Guardian (Mac) Dead New Avengers #16
Aurora Alive Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3
Northstar Alive Uncanny X-Men #515
Sasquatch Alive Mighty Avengers #23
Shaman Dead New Avengers #16
Snowbird Alive Incredible Hercules #120

Added v1

Member Status Last seen
Marrina Dead Dark Reign: The List – X-Men #1
Puck (Eugene) Dead New Avengers #16
Talisman Alive Omega Flight #5
Vindicator (Heather) Dead New Avengers #16
Diamond Lil Alive X-Men: The 198 #4
Wild Child Dead Wolverine Origins #39
Madison Jeffries Alive Uncanny X-Men #515
Persuasion Alive Marvel Digital Holiday Special 2008
Goblyn Alive Alpha Flight #130
Pathway Alive Alpha Flight #130
Manikin Alive Alpha Flight #130
Windshear Depowered New Thunderbolts #43
Feedback Alive Alpha Flight #130
Roger Bochs Dead Alpha Flight #49
Flashback Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12
Smart Alec Dead Alpha Flight #46
Nemesis Dead Alpha Flight v3 #12
Witchfire Alive X-Infernus #4
Silver Alive AF#121
Auric Alive Alpha Flight #121
Wyre Alive Alpha Flight #130

Added v2

Member Status Last seen
Flex Depowered Wolverine #142
Radius Depowered Uncanny X-Men #406
Manbot Alive Wolverine #142
Murmur Depowered Wolverine #142
Ghost Girl Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Ouija Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Flinch Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Synth Mac Dead Wolverine #143
Real Sasquatch Dead Alpha Flight v2 #12

Added v3

Member Status Last seen
Yukon Jack Married Alpha Flight v3 #12
Centennial Dead Alpha Flight v3 #12
Puck (Zuzha) Dead New Avengers #16
Major Mapleleaf, Jr. Dead New Avengers #16
Mar Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12
Thunder Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12

Added “Other”

Member Status Last seen
Groundhog Alive Alpha Flight Special #1
St. Elmo Dead Alpha Flight Special #1
Stitch Alive Alpha Flight #127
Earthmover Alive Alpha Flight v3 #6

14 Responses to “Where are they now?”

  1. Allan Says:

    You forgot Major Maple Leaf Jr’s horse, Thunder, wasn’t it? As the source of MMJ’s power while he was a member, I think Thunder should be included too.
    Oh, and what about that guy…dang, forget his name now. Volume 1, towards the end. He showed up after Wyre did, some special ops guy from a different Canadian government program, big gun i think. Very mysterious. Never really joined the team, but then neither did Flashback either but he is listed.
    Manbot being alive caught me by surpirse. I thought he was never heard from again after Volume 2…

    • rplass Says:

      Haha, OK, Thunder has been added. Can’t say no to a Thunder fan. Watch out for more Thunder when I cover his entry in the Marvel Pets Handbook.

      I’m not sure which special ops guy you mean… Find out who it is, I’ll be happy to post it!

      Flashback was never a member of Alpha Flight, but I put him on the list just to complete all the members of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flights.

      Yes, Manbot made a flashback appearance in Wolverine #142 to events that occurred after the end of volume 2.

  2. Allan Says:

    Weapon X, also known as “Kane”, from Volume 1, Issue 117. Wasn’t a member, but was with a secret Canadian Government program. Knew something about the past of Nemesis, and definitely knew about Wyre and Wild Child. That is who I was thinking of.

    And I am not a fan of Thunder, per se, I just think that the horse was a member of the team (and how sad is that?). Yukon Jack was the only good thing about Vol 3, IMHO.

  3. Allan Says:

    Well, answered my own question – Garrison “Gar” Kane was not Canadian, and since he only appeared in three issues of AF Vol 1, I suppose he does not really rank up there as a “member”. My own curiosity, though, tells me that if Volume 1 had avoided cancellation (boo!), he just might have joined the team eventually…

  4. Chris Says:

    For the Others section, don’t forgot to add Judd Winick’s Sasquatch from Exiles – the lovely Heather McDaniel Hudson. Last seen in this months mega-sized final issue of Exiles 6 vol 2.

    • rplass Says:

      Although Heather Hudson from the Exiles is quite a major character in that series, I’m not including her character in this list… just the 616 reality characters here. There are just too many versions and alternate universes to list every single one. I do plan on covering her appearances in the Exiles, so stay tuned. I’m a big fan of that series and won’t be able to resist!

  5. Allan Says:

    Noticed you did not add in the “doppleganger” AF members pulled from out of Shaman’s pouch in Volume III…
    Come on now, are you SURE they still aren’t out there somewhere?

    • rplass Says:

      Actually, yes, we do know what happened to them from the OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover handbook entry for Alpha Flight in volume 1:

      “At some point the Alphans in space reportedly returned to Earth and the temporal copies apparently departed, presumably back to their own timeline.”

      So since they went back to their own timeline, the entries in the table above are for themselves in the future. See, I didn’t leave them out!

  6. Allan Says:

    “reportedly”, “apparently”, “presumably”…yup, sounds prett fairly somewhat-logical that they are mainly almost all accounted for, then! lol.

  7. Allan Says:

    In issue 120-something, right near the end of Volume 1, isn’t Mac brought back from the dead as Anti-Guardian or something, and he is all grey and washed out? Seems to me the Master thought Mac was with him, but then the Master got wasted by Mac because he was wrong. I cannot tell, there have been so many Macs, was this one included in your list?

    • rplass Says:

      It’s Alpha Flight #129 you’re thinking of and yes, Antiguard and Mac are the same guy. He regains his humanity at some point, turning on The Master and eventually settling down with Heather after v1 ends.

  8. Allan Says:

    So many Macs, so many to choose from. Confusion abounds.

    I seriously blame JB for this. He appeared to bring Mac back before he left the series. Seems he planted the idea in the head of many a writer to follow…

  9. Ahab Says:

    Silver and Auric were killed in a New Warriors Annual, I believe. They ended up becoming part of a new entity that I don’t think anyone has seen again after the story was over.

    • rplass Says:

      Yes, Silver and Auric were killed in The Hero Killers crossover, but were merged in with Dr. Hedison to form a new energy being, which appears to be alive (see Alpha Flight #121). It’s sort of a nebulous state, but since they have been re-animated in some form, I put them as “alive” in the chart.

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