Jeffries cameo in Runaways #10

runaways10coverRunaways v3 #10
Jul 2009

The Runaways is a series of comics about a group of young heroes with powers inherited from their villain parents. This particular issue was released concurrent with Uncanny #510 but likely takes place after UXM #512, the time travel issue, as the chaotic events of the Sisterhood arc have ended and Greymalkin Industries, the headquarters of the X-Men in San Francisco before the X-Men relocated to Utopia Island, seems orderly and calm. Mister Jeffries appears as a regular member of the X-Men Science Team, having joined up in Uncanny X-Men #505.


Let's see, what happens if I mix a pint of Molson Ice with a pint of Molson Dry...

In Uncanny X-Men #500, Emma Frost sent out a psychic signal to all mutants. Young Molly Hayes of the Runaways picked up the lingering signal and felt compelled to find the source. Arriving at Greymalkin, Cyclops assigns Wolverine to be her mismatched chaperone while she gets a tour of the facilities, grating everyone’s nerves. One of the stops on the tour is the Science Lab, where The Beast, Dr. Nemesis, Dr. Kavita Rao and Mister Jeffries are doing some sort of scientific science stuff.

Mister Jeffries makes a single panel cameo appearance, wearing a very odd white lab coat, and very oddly working in a fume hood with a rack of test tubes. Similar to his mischaracterized super-smartness that we’ve seen in X-Men Legacy Annual #1 (2009) and X-Men Legacy #228, he seems to have gained a new area of expertise in addition to his awesome knowledge of inter-dimensional physics and mathematics: chemistry! I’ll give James Asmus a pass here though, since it’s conceivable that The Beast made Jeffries put a lab coat on in the lab, and what looks to be a rack of test tubes really might be a small device that he’s working on that uses test tubes, like a spectrometer.



2 Responses to “Jeffries cameo in Runaways #10”

  1. Chris Says:

    Mister Jeffries – super hero, Alphan, X-Men, transformer robot, brother, lover, engineer, mathematician, chemist, quantum physicist, scholar, statesman, intellect, teacher, and gentleman. Did I forget anything? 😉

  2. rplass Says:

    Well yeah, you forgot “ditch digger” and “Vietnam War veteran”, which was his original identity before he put on his smarty-pants.

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