Where are they now, Part II

OK, haven’t done this for a while but a little bird asked me to do this, so here it is. This is the current situation with all Alphans out there. For a few members who are actively appearing in an ongoing series, or have been popping up in the past year or so, names are noted in bold text. Green means they are alive and kicking, yellow means they are alive, but we haven’t seen them for a long time, blue means they are alive but depowered and gray means they are dead. The rest is self-explanatory.

Original Team

Member Status Last seen
Guardian (Mac) Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Aurora Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Northstar Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Sasquatch Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Shaman Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Snowbird Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8

Added v1

Member Status Last seen
Marrina Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Puck (Eugene) Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Talisman Alive Omega Flight #5
Vindicator (Heather) Four-toed Alpha Flight v4 #8
Diamond Lil Dead Nation X#3
Wild Child Dead Wolverine Origins #39
Madison Jeffries Alive X-Club #4
Purple Woman Alive Alpha Flight v4 #8
Goblyn Alive Alpha Flight #130
Pathway Alive Alpha Flight #130
Manikin Alive Alpha Flight #130
Windshear Depowered Thunderbolts #43
Feedback Alive Alpha Flight #130
Roger Bochs Dead Alpha Flight #49
Flashback Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12
Smart Alec Dead Alpha Flight #46
Nemesis Dead Alpha Flight v3 #12
Witchfire Alive Fear Itself: The Fearless #10
Silver Alive AF#121
Auric Alive Alpha Flight #121
Wyre Alive Alpha Flight #130

Added v2

Member Status Last seen
Flex Depowered Wolverine #142
Radius Depowered Uncanny X-Men #406
Manbot Alive Wolverine #142
Murmur Depowered Wolverine #142
Ghost Girl Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Ouija Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Flinch Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Synth Mac Dead Wolverine #143
Real Sasquatch Dead Alpha Flight v2 #12

Added v3

Member Status Last seen
Yukon Jack Divorced Alpha Flight v3 #12
Centennial Dead Alpha Flight v3 #12
Puck (Zuzha) Dead New Avengers #16
Major Mapleleaf, Jr. Dead New Avengers #16
Mar Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12
Thunder Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12

Added “Other”

Member Status Last seen
Groundhog Alive Alpha Flight Special #1
St. Elmo Dead Alpha Flight Special #1
Stitch Alive Alpha Flight #127
Earthmover Alive Alpha Flight v3 #6

8 Responses to “Where are they now, Part II”

  1. Evan Annett Says:

    That is an amazingly helpful graphic. It’s good to see so many names in the green.

    • rplass Says:

      Thanks for the comment! If one has a wide enough monitor, a side-by-side comparison of the first “Where are they now?” post (from the very first days of this blog) to the current state is really eye-opening.

  2. flightpath07 / dredd sweet Says:

    Good stuff! I’m guessing you are not counting Omega Flight as part of Alpha then, as Arachne and Beta Ray Bill and US Agent are not on this list?

  3. TheyStandOnGuard (@TSOGblog) Says:

    Dang, I missed Wild Child getting killed off.

    Oh well. He’ll be back. 😉

  4. flightpath07 / dredd sweet Says:

    No, I never have; until now!

  5. Phil Says:

    Well, you can edit one entry on this list now! 😀

    • rplass Says:

      Yes, Wild Child is inexplicably alive again as seen in this week’s issue of Wolverine #304.

      Heather still has four toes.

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